About the S15 Owners Club

The S15 Owners Club was formed in 2005 by several members of the UK Nissan 200SX Owners Club (SXOC) with the idea of creating, initially, a web forum where English speaking S15 owners worldwide could visit to gain technical, buying and general information about the car. All too often it is a case of having to trawl through other web forums to find specific information and advice on the S15. By having this club/forum, we hope that our members will be able to filter information from other forums and focus the relevant stuff here.

The S15 was only sold in the Japanese, Australian and New Zealand markets. All examples in other countries are specialist imports. Due to a number of our members being in the UK and Ireland, we can offer a good amount of experience and advice as to what to look for and how to go about importing into Europe.

The majority of the club members are based in Australia and New Zealand. This is great, as they live in markets where the car was sold and have an everyday knowledge of the car.

At the moment the club is forum-based, but we hope to be able to expand on that in the future. We have already organised several meets and events and hope to offer some merchandise to our members. If you have any questions about the S15, or even just an interest in the car, please feel free to browse the forum and sign-up.